January 2018  
Application for Warren Dunning Memorial Social Justice Grants (three year grants)



Episcopal Community Services

Request for Proposals (RFP)


Warren Dunning worked tirelessly over the years for ECS, for Jubilee Ministries, and in several other capacities, all in the service of serving the least, the last and the lonely.  He modeled service to others for Christ.  His death leaves a large hole in the life of our diocese.  This special grant honors his memory and his ministry.


This is a three-year grant.   Up to $5,000 will be granted the first year, with a reduction of $1,000 in each of the subsequent years.  This multi-year grant is established in order that a congregation will have the time to develop a plan to sustain the grant’s activity, with their own funding sources, beyond the life of the grant.  You will be required to submit an application for years Two and Three, although not as much information will be required.

One new grant will be awarded each year.


The guidelines are purposely short to encourage creativity and innovation for outreach ministries.  Responses should be clear and complete and include concrete data to demonstrate the need and achievability of the proposed ministry.  The ECS Board intends this grant to reflect:

  • Ministry programs among poor and oppressed people wherever they are located.
  • Outreach in the best missionary tradition of the church.  The target population should include new people and aim to reach individuals and communities not ordinarily included in the congregation.
  • Specify how the ministry will continue after the grant funding has expired.  A reasonable plan for on-going funding must be developed during the term of the grant.  Details of this plan should include details of in-kind funding, volunteer involvement, partnerships, matching funds and any other funding requested submitted or to be submitted.


The ministry must focus on serving one or more of:

  • The Least
  • The Last
  • The Lonely


If a grant is awarded, the recipient congregation must agree to provide operational, experiential and resource information to other congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, the Episcopal Church, or associated agencies.  Recipients also agree to comply with mid-year and end-of-year reporting requirements, and acknowledge that failure to report will result in loss of eligibility to apply for another grant the following year.


The Warren Dunning Memorial Social Justice Grant


Parish/Mission:  ______________________________________________________________


Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________


Phone: ___________________________________  FAX: ________________________


E-mail:  ___________________________________________




Contact Person: ___________________________________


Title:  ____________________________________________


Phone and E-mail (if different than above): ________________________________________



Federal Identification Number (SSN if individual): ___________________________________



Grant amount requested for Year One: ________________________

Date funds required:  ____________________________


Complete each of the following items:


  1.  Congregation Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives:  Forward a copy of your congregation’s Annual Report to Betty Harrison-Smith, P. O. Box 367, Shasta, CA  96087 or E-mail to bettyharrisonsmith@gmail.com.
  2. Project Summary Statement:  Describe the people to be served, who will provide these services, identify the person in charge (project leader).
  3. Description of Need:  What is the issue you plan to address?  What is your approach?  How will the service(s) planned address a specific problem?  Have you identified other programs in your congregation or the Diocese of Northern California which are similar or complimentary to yours?  If so, what did you learn from them?
  4. Three-Year Plan:  Discuss your concepts of the specific activities to occur each year of your Three-Year Plan.  What are your goals for the first year?  For the second year?  For the third year?    Include information about service activities and timeline(s) for implementation.
  5. Sustainable Project:  What are your plans to make this project self-sustainable after Year Three?
  6. Goals and Objectives for this Request:  Identify a minimum of four goals and describe objectives for each goal.  (For example, the goal is to develop a program to feed the homeless within our parish boundaries; the objective is to provide 25 meals per week in Year One, 50 meals twice per week in Year Two, and 75 meals per week in Year Three).
  7. Evaluation:  How will you evaluate your project?  Please be specific.  Include anticipated volunteer hours and in-kind contributions
  8. Budget information: 


Applicant acknowledges that submission of this document does not guarantee funding, or that funding will be allocated at the level requested.  ECS reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted in response to this Request for Proposals.  Final contract provisions will take precedence over the information provided in the proposal.


The undersigned hereby affirms that the statements contained in the application package are true and complete, to the applicant’s knowledge. The undersigned has authority to validate this request.


Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________



Deadline for 2017 grant proposal requests  for the Warren Dunning Memorial Social Justice

Grant is _________________________________________


E-mail to:  bettyharrisonsmith@gmail.com or mail to Betty Harrison-Smith, P. O. Box 367, Shasta, California, 96087.  (Note:  please send all proposals directly to Betty, not to any other ECS contacts.)


For questions, contact your assigned ECS Board mentor.



Project Budget 2017/1018


Congregation:  St. Albans’, Sacramento

Project Name:  Community Garden Project


ITEM                                        PROJECTED COST        ACTUAL COST             END-OF-YEAR TOTAL*


Garden dirt                             $1460.00                    


Wood for raised beds           $  795.00


Fencing for perimeter           $1600.00


Garden shed for tools           $  450.00


Drip line                                    donated


Weed prevention fabric         donated


Seeds                                          to be provided by gardeners


Water set-up                          already in place


TOTAL:                                    $4305.OO



*include unanticipated events/expenses



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