October 2018   
Apply Now! Anita Weaver Grant for 2018 Deadline Extended to March 5

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) 
The Episcopal Foundation of Northern California 
2018 Anita Weaver Grant

This grant is for $15,000 for one year helping persons (ages 50 and older) to move from homelessness to supportive housing with a plan that leads to long term solutions
The Anita Weaver Fund is held in trust by the Episcopal Foundation of Northern California. ECS will administer the grant award and provide quarterly reports to the Foundation along with reports from the selected grant recipient. 

The intent of this grant is to select a proposal that helps persons, 50 years or older, to move from homelessness to supportive housing, and with a plan that leads to long term solutions.
The award for the Anita Weaver Fund 2018 will be a grant, for one year only, 2018, of $15,000. If the selected grantee meets all the requirements of the grant including stated goals and objectives, ECS and the Foundation may award a second year grant of $7500. The grantee must be able to raise an additional $7500 in year two to insure the sustainability of the grant after the initial funding, and the award of $7500 in year two.

All Episcopal churches/missions or other entities approved by the Diocese of Northern California are eligible to apply. Two parishes in geographic proximity to one another (within 25 miles) are encouraged to apply in partnership. If two parishes work together to develop a grant, one of the parishes must be designated the lead agency. The identified lead church will be responsible for the administrative, fiscal, legal, supervision of all contracts, and oversight of duties and responsibilities.

Collaboration with outside governmental and private agencies is not only encouraged, but bonus points will be given to those grants where letters of support and/or collaboration are included. As we reach out and seek to serve the least, the lost, and lonely, we should not hide the light of Christ under a basket. 
Requirements of the Request for Proposal (RFP) 
 Content of Proposal
1.    A one-page statement of the church(es)/ missions or other entities approved by the Diocese of Northern California about their involvement in feeding, housing, or other services provided to this population, including those  in conjunction with an outside agency, if applicable.
2.    A one-page statement on #’s served by month and year (remainder of 2018, first quarter of 2019), #’s of volunteers involved, monthly total volunteer hours, and other in-kind or financial contributions for the homeless.
3.    Project Summary Statement (one-page): Describe the people to be served, who will provide these services, identify the person in charge (project leader).
4.    Description of Need (limit to three-pages): What is the issue you plan to address? What is your approach? How will the service(s) planned address a specific problem? Have you identified other programs in your congregation or the Northern California Diocese which are similar or complimentary to yours? If so, what did you learn from their efforts?
5.    Specific Activities (limit to two-pages): Include information about service activities and timelines for implementation.
6.    Goals and Objectives (limit to three-pages): Identify a minimum of three goals and describe objectives for each goal.
7.    Evaluation (limit to two-pages): How will you evaluate your project? Describe your methodology for measuring success. Please be specific.
8.    Budget Information (limit to two-pages): Identify sources of income and expenses. Identify every expense item with an adequate description of all expenses. Give specific information as to how you arrived at every expense item. Give a time table as to when each expense will be incurred.
9.    Letters of support and/or collaboration from governmental and/or private agencies.  Partnership letters of agreement, if applicable.
10.Please describe in specific terms how you will sustain the Project     such as sources of  funding, including a Commitment Letter(s)  explaining how and by whom the project  will be continued after the grant funding ends.

Criteria for Evaluating Grant:
A.     Previous Experience serving homeless                10 pts                            
B.    Project Description of Need                                  20 pts.
C.    Specific Activities/ Goals & Objectives                20 pts.
D.    Evaluation                                                              15 pts.
E.    Budget                                                                    15 pts.
F.    Sustainability                                                          20 pts.                                                TOTAL POINTS              100 pts.
     Bonus: Letter(s) of Support/Collaboration/Partnership:      15pts

Signature Page:
Rector(s), Vicar, Priest(s) in Charge____________________________________________________
                                                                                                                     Phone/ E-Mail __________________________________________________________
Senior Warden(s)                                                                                         
Project Leader:

Deadline for the Anita Weaver Grant Application 2018:  Wednesday, March 5, 2018 Noon.

Awarding of Grant for 1 year, 2018:  Announcement to be made by April 1, 2018.

E-Mail Grant Application to: lajevne@comcast.net 

Or Mail to:  Episcopal Community Services
                    350 University Ave.,  Suite 280
                    Sacramento, Ca  95825-6517
 Must be postmarked no later than March 5, 2018

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