Diocesan Partners in Ministries of Health

Susan Wahlstrom R.N.

Reaching out together bringing Ministries of Health and Wholeness to the parishes of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Califoria

Your parish can benefit from these Diocesan resources:

1.     Consultation and development of Ministries of Health and Healing in your parish.

2.     Development of Lay Pastoral Care models; i.e., Community of Hope, Stephen Ministry, Pastoral Partners, and Care Teams

3.     Available resources for Parish Educational Programs:
        HIV/AIDS Awareness
        Mental Health, including Family-to-Family Program
        Alzheimer’s/Dementia Education & Caregiver Support
        Disabilities Awareness & Assessment
        Advanced Directives Education
        Bereavement Support Group
        Domestic Violence Awareness
        Development of Healing Services, Prayer shawls, Prayer Bead Ministries
        Souper Cupboard (Nutrition Program geared to low income)
        Children’s Health & Safety
        Consultant for Health Fairs
        Health Advocacy Ministry

Diocesan Partners in Ministries of Health

•     Ministry on Aging

•     HIV/AIDS

•     Recovery

•     Mental Health

•     Lay Pastoral Care Models

•    Health Access/Advocacy Ministry

•     End-of-Life Issues —
           Bereavement Ministries

•    Disability Awareness Network

•     Healthy Relationships Education

•     Coleman Health Outreach

•     Hispanic Diabetic Outreach

•     Health Ministries & Parish Nurses

•    St. Francis’ P. E. T. Ministry

For more information, please contact, Susan Wahlstrom R.N.